CEO Lawrence Eggleston

A young man from New York came into the realization that the world would become a better place if we all worked together to learn the processes of investing. Moving to Atlanta I saw that many of us lacked knowledge and belief within ourselves that ultimately pushed me to start investing at the age of 17. 4 years now in I have been successfully able to see 6 figure returns on the stock market and been able to cultivate a group that has been of service to my community through series of weekly events and classes.

What To Expect To Learn?

You can expect to learn how to-

Use Technical Analysis

Using Fundamental Analysis

Stock Options

How News Affects The Markets

Politics In Markets

Small Cap Companies

How To Leverage And Hedge Positions

How To Research Companies

Creating An Overall Plan

Strategies In Overall Markets

Blockchain Technology

Choose a Pricing Option

The Reality

One of the most important things about Investing in any market is the educational piece. Taking the educational route allows you to learn from others who have taken wins and suffered loses. The most important thing that you can do is invest in yourself. We all are always one step away from everything changing.